66.00 EUR

Durch RiP-Farming wird dem Farming auf FiveM ganz neue Maßstabe gesetzt. Anders als andere Farming-Scripts sammelt man interaktiv virtuelle Items.


- Interactive farming 

- Ownable farms 

- Level system for storage 

- Player can farm on a field 

- If the field is owned, the money is taken from the business account 

- Field owners need to bring the items to the marketplace to get money 

- Modern and responsive design


- YouTube


- Unlimited farms & fields 

- Blips, Marker & Peds 

- Max. portable items for farmers & farming duration 

- Farm types & levels 

- Money sign 

- Translations & Notify 

- Colors


- ESX 1.2/Legacy



After purchase you can download the script via Keymaster. If you have problems installing or using the script, you can always open a ticket in our Discord.

This product is a pre-release. We do not take any responsibility for unforeseen changes before the proper release.