36.00 EUR

Package Description

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then RiP-BankingV2 is exactly what you need! With features like loans, it's a unique system that doesn't exist again.


  • Deposit/Withdraw money
  • Transfer money - Even if the receiver is not online
  • Account numbers instead of ids
  • Extensive credit system
  • Automatic credit payment after time expires
  • Savings account with interest
  • View and pay invoices
  • Discord logs for every action 
  • Different menu for bank and ATM
  • Automatic ATM detection
  • Responsive and moderne design




  • Bank- & ATM-Blips
  • Bank-Marker
  • Maximum concurrent credits and maximum amount per credit
  • Credit-Interest and duration
  • Savings-Interest interval and interests
  • Billing deactivatable
  • Discord logs with minimum amounts 
  • Bank Locations & Atm Models
  • Translations & Notify
  • Colors


  • ESX 1.2/Legacy
  • MySQL


After purchase you can download the script via Keymaster. If you have problems installing or using the script, you can always open a ticket in our Discord.