RiP-Fraktion [LIFETI

119.00 EUR

Package Description

Due to almost no limits and high functionality, RiP-Fraktion might be the most advanced fraction managing system.


  • Unlimited fractions
  • Fraction garage with global vehicle lock
  • Fraction menu with permissions
  • Ingame fraction creation/editing
  • Manage RiP businesses
  • Discord logs for fraction leaders & moderators
  • Regular updates

Management Features:

  • Storage (store/retrieve items & weapons)
  • Vehicles (overview, permission levels, location)
  • Shop (purchase items, weapons & vehicles)
  • Announcements (message of the day & fraction announces)
  • Wallet (deposit/withdraw money, bonuses, statistics, salaries)
  • Members (overview, invite players, edit players)
  • Grades (create & edit grades with clothes)
  • Upgrades (unlock new possibilities)
  • Logs (discord webhooks for each category)

Menu Features:

  • Cuff/uncuff players with automatic front & back detection
  • Take cuffed players with you
  • Put cuffed players into a vehicle
  • Search cuffed players
  • Tow vehicles
  • Break vehicles

Creator Features:

  • Overview for all fractions with owner name and member stats
  • Edit existing fractions
  • Create fractions with many individual options

You can find a detailed description on our discord!




  • Keybinds (interaction, menu, global, lock)
  • Global fraction management permissions
  • Shop items/weapons (name, label, price)
  • Shop vehicles (name, label, price)
  • Upgrades (storage, vehicles, shop, wallet, members, announces)
  • Discord logs (color, icon, admin webhook)
  • Blip (scale, dsplay, color)
  • Marker (distance, type, size, color)
  • Money sign
  • Salary time interval
  • Default weapon weight for storage
  • Cuff & break item
  • Owner grade & label
  • Translations & notify
  • SetFuel export
  • Clothing export


  • ESX 1.2/Legacy
  • MySQL


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After purchase you can download the script via Keymaster. If you have problems installing or using the script, you can always open a ticket in our Discord.