Package Description

RiP-Prison offers prisoners variety and interactive roleplay.


  • Advanced jail system
  • Cell division with unlimited cells
  • Item management
  • Unlimited prison jobs
  • Bribable guards
  • Prison workout
  • Prison break with Minigames
  • Automatic teleportation when prisoner is too far away
  • Discord logs
  • Responsive & modern design




  • Locations for menu, yard, cells and more
  • Cells & bribable guards
  • Bribe items and weapons
  • Jobs (ped, positions, animation, reward)
  • Prison break (enable, cooldown, minigame, powerboxes, exits, police)
  • Workout type & positions
  • Item management (remove/give back, blacklisted items)
  • Clothes
  • Permissions (jobs & fractions)
  • Marker & Blip
  • Keybind & Moneysign
  • Discord webhook and logs
  • Translations & Notify
  • Colors



After purchase you can download the script via Keymaster. If you have problems installing or using the script, you can always open a ticket in our Discord.