Package Description

With this walkthrough, no dead player will ever be bored again! With many customization options, RiP-Death is suitable for every server, whether soft or hardcore roleplay.


  • Responsive & modern death-screen
  • Knock-Out system with automatic revive
  • Death-Timeout with inability to fight
  • Stabilize player for more time
  • Sync position & send dispatch
  • Minigame to pass time at death
  • Optional & forced respawn after different times
  • Remove items & money on respawn
  • Compatibility with Saltychat



  • Knock-Out health (disabled, min, max, regeneration time)
  • Disable knock-out death
  • Enable knock-out only with punches
  • Death respawn time
  • Respawn location & automatic respawn after reconnect
  • Removed items & money types
  • Enable stabilizing
  • Stabilizing license, animation & extra time
  • Death-Timeout time for death & knock-out
  • Dispatch Function (trigger/export)
  • Enable background blur
  • Enable minigame (dinorun)
  • Enable Saltychat (mute player)
  • Translations & notify


  • ESX Legacy
  • MySQL


After purchase you can download the script via Keymaster. If you have problems installing or using the script, you can always open a ticket in our Discord.